World Youth Champs – Emma Powell’s experience.

My World Ice Climbing Cup Championships experience:

ImageRoute observation time!

This morning was the 8th of February. This was the morning of the competition and I felt like I had snakes (not butterflies) in my tummy. We woke up early so we could be there in time. We drove up to the ice structure that had piles of snow surrounding. When we found out what our first qualifier route was we all swarmed to see the demonstration. I was psyched by the great music and the atmosphere was exciting. I found the isolation tent and started to warm up. It was cold outside but in the tent it was boiling. I stepped outside ready to climb with my fabulous gear: my La Sportiva fruit boots, Petzl Nomics and my Sherpa clothing. I was trying not to worry about my route, it was an ice slab that then went up a 45deg overhanging rib, which I had to cross. It then went round a corner that was where I had seen the over 16 leads fall off.

I was climbing quite slow but I managed to top out in around 7 minutes, the time allowed was 8 minutes. The time flew by and I found myself on the second route. I qualified for the final in 4th and was super psyched. Another Great British team member Tim Miller was through too. We sat down waiting for ages to read our final route.


Reading the route there wasn’t a lot of ice on it. The ice at the start was hideously thin. I waited in the boiling tent for a couple more hours waiting for my name to be called to go out. It was dark outside and freezing. When my name was called. I could hear the songs playing outside as I stepped out of the tent. I waited in another tent just by the wall, then it was my time.

Image Getting some advice from Andy Turner

Hearing my Dad, Andy Turner and Andy Rutherford whooping whilst I was walking outmade me smile. I started to climb. I was locking off all the way to the top of the sketchy ice , then I got greeted by a big jug. I got up to a hideous stein and I pulled as hard a I could to reach the other stein that was equally as bad. Unfortunately my time ran out though. When I came down grinning, I got a hug off of a random French dude. I saw my dads proud face and I was pleased with myself. I’d place 3rd! 


ImageBattling with the Steinpull

This competition was better than I thought, because it had such good and difficult routes to challenge meand the other competitors, to make us climb the hardest that we could. Because of this it was the best competition I have ever been to. As well as that I have learnt a lot of experience whilst I was competing in this.


ImageEmma on the podium – woohoo!


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